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We bring you the best and we want you to understand how and why. 

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Seed oils contain chemicals, which are not good for you. What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EVOO, as usually known? It is a natural juice! The juice that comes out of an olive once you take the water out of it!

Organic extra virgin olive oils are bursting with delicious rich flavor that will add flair to any recipe and enhance your cooking and dining experience!

From Spain

Did you know Spain is the #1 producer of olive oil in the world?

We produce more than 50% of the olive oil in the world. Opposite of what many think, Italy consumes more oil than what they actually produce! 

Good oil is good oil but... it is important to check the back of any bottle you buy to learn where the oil you are using actually comes from! 

All of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from our fields in Spain, where we have been harvesting for more than 150 years!

Why do we have different Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

The difference is in the flavor and that depends on when the olives were picked up. 

The earlier the harvest,

· the more premium the oil
· the more flavorful the oil
· the more pricey the oil (as we are using more olives 

Can you deep-fry with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Absolutely, in fact, we highly recommend it! EVOO's smoke point is 410F. Oil gets absorbed when deep-frying so... the healthier the oil, the healthier your meal will be. We want to take care of you and your family and that's why we only offer you the best.

You can deep-fry, bake, cook, finish and so much more!

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Why olives?

Our goal is to bring you the best from Spain and that is why we are now bringing you delicious stuffed olives with Manchego Cheese, Pimiento, and Garlic!

There is so much coming so.. stay tuned to discover everything that our beautiful home country is bringing you!