About Our Family

Our 150 Year Story

Since 1872, our family has lovingly raised each and every olive tree in our grove. Our quest to produce extra virgin olive oil in the purest artisanal style began humbly with a primitive mill, powered by a mule. In the five generations since, we have remained devoted to producing the highest quality, most flavorful and purest organic extra virgin olive oil and bringing the best products from Spain to our consumers all over the world!

Did you know we were managed by women for the first three generations?

Adelaida Fernandez-Cuellar founded Garcia de la Cruz during a time when it was uncommon for women to work outside of the home and that's how everything started!

Our Vision

With our sustainable processes, we take pride in continuously honoring planet Earth so that the next generation of our family and the next generation of consumers can also enjoy the same delightful products produced today from the same trees and soils.